Defending domestic violence charges

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Many cases of domestic violence are simply heated arguments where one person sought to call the police as a means of settling the dispute. In these cases, there is often no physical touching, and even where there is, such touching is usually no more than a small push or shove. However, the police may not see it that way.

Once a spouse or a partner calls 911, the matter is effectively outside of their control. Even against their wishes, the police may choose to charge one of them with domestic violence if they deem it necessary. Unfortunately, the police often deem it necessary even in cases where there was no actual violence.

The charged spouse may then face allegations of domestic violence for a mere heated argument. After they are charged, both spouses may attempt to have the charges dropped, but as stated, the matter is out of their hands at this point. Even when both spouses disagree with the charges, local authorities may still seek to aggressively prosecute the matter and bring the alleged offender to "justice."

That is why it is so important for someone in the Denver area who has been charged with domestic violence to contact a Denver criminal defense lawyer. While it may be tempting to go without a lawyer, especially when the domestic violence charges are unfounded, this could be a big mistake. In the courtroom, one must make the presentation of a robust and aggressive defense in order to ensure that their side is presented fairly. The failure to make such a defense may lead a court to decide that the offender is guilty of the charges.

Moreover, the judicial system in Colorado is often complicated, and it has a system of rules and procedures that may seem utterly alien to those not well-versed in them. For example, someone who is charged with a crime may need to perform what is called discovery before the case starts. During discovery, the defense may be able find evidence that proves the innocence of the defendant. However, the discovery portion of a court trial has certain procedures that if not followed could lead to all the found evidence being struck out.

To successfully navigate the court system, an experienced and knowledgeable Denver Defense Lawyer may prove to be of invaluable assistance. The lawyer may be able to help with performing discovery as well as with selecting a jury that may be sympathetic to the offender. Moreover, a Denver defense lawyer may have substantial experience in defending similar cases and they can utilize that knowledge to help secure a fair result.

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Defending domestic violence charges

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Defending domestic violence charges

This article was published on 2012/01/28