Domestic Violence - Its Causes, Effects and Prevention

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Domestic violence is hardly reported to the authorities. One of the chief reasons for this is that, just like verbal abuse, Domestic violence is often looked at as 'doing the needful'.

And to make matters worse, it often doesn't qualify as abuse in several states and countries, hence giving the authorities no say in the matter. Especially in the Middle East, Asia and Africa where there are no recorded statistics or numbers of victims of child abuse because of the large numbers and cultural impact.

It is estimated that over 50% of the children undergo domestic violence. At this point, one may want to argue that 'but 50% of the children don't turn out to be failures'

We have to consider the fact that not everyone who is not satisfied with their lives, comes up and talks about it, the examples we know are just a reflection of the entire numbers given the intensity of their actions.

I suggest you take a thorough look on the amount of people suffering from stress and other mental ailments. Even so, I agree the entire blame cannot just be directed to domestic but also to society/cultural and other aspects.

Domestic violence: The act of physically hurting a human being within the confines of the family.

This is applicable not only to children but also to women at a very large scale as it is not something out of the common for hitting a woman in many parts of the world.

What are the effects of Domestic Violence?

For starters, it creates the impression or the understanding in the child's mind that 'violence is okay' and causes the child to also engage in violence as a resort to personal problems.

This of course encourages not only bullying but potential risk factor of injury to acquaintances leading to further damages.

For Women, it is simply a breach of Human rights, nothing short of it. One factor which has to be understood is that children who see their mother being violently treated are likely to have terrible impacts in their attitude.

This further encourages sexual discrimination which would become another difficult issue to deal with in certain societies and cultures.

The worst short term effect of domestic violence is that children would avoid consulting their parents out of fear of violence and may take decisions based on their own judgment in matters they have little experience or knowledge of.

Secondly, this also creates a submissive environment for the children towards adults regardless of who the adult is. Although this does not sound serious, this is very much the gateway of sexual abuse for children.

Now the question is: How can domestic violence be prevented?

To tell the truth, several factors would have to be taken into consideration

Primarily that of education:

1.) Schools have to make a sincere effort in condemning all forms of violence both inside and outside of the child's home.

This allows the children to understand that abuse is wrong and needs to be reported, this is the first step, the acknowledgment of injustice.

2.) The Government should advertise and make freely available centers of child protection to the masses

We have to understand that children rarely know who to contact in such scenarios.

Given that, we have to make a sincere effort to organize volunteer or official groups with government authority which aim at protecting the children's basic rights while also being easily accessible.

3.) The Media should consider raising awareness as well as the intensity of the issue

The media is responsible for bringing news and awareness as well as emotions to the minds of its viewers, I believe if the Media makes a sincere effort in bringing fame to particular cases of child abuse which have resulted in death or severe injury by physical abuse, it would force the authorities to take action

4.) You should make a sincere effort to help out any child you know who is undergoing domestic violence

At the end of the day, no media and no advertisement can be as helpful to a child as a supportive adult who understands and explains his situation. It is very beneficial to a child to have another adult disown violence and violent attitudes while promoting more freedom in the child's life, such instances make up for a huge difference in the personality development of the victim.

You may also give him books or guides which would help him decide his actions as well as guide him in dealing with physical abuse.

I hope the information I provided was adequate enough to answer the questions you had in your mind regarding domestic abuse

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Domestic Violence - Its Causes, Effects and Prevention

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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