Domestic Violence – Precautions you must take

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How to prevent domestic violence? Are there ways?

Well, the fact is that domestic violence has turn into a severe epidemic across the globe and has taken away the lives of a lot of women and might persists to do so, if not prevented. Though it is difficult to end it completely but awareness is among the top priorities for breaching the cycle of domestic violence. Do not presume anything, some of the greatest domestic violence tragedies have happened in the home like yours.

A domestic violence fact that everyone must know is that in domestic violence a victim encompasses a lot of shame and has been told by the abuser that she is at fault for what has happened and they get disturbed by the shame of their oppression due to which the victim lies to keep others from knowing what actually goes on behind the closed doors. Even if they try to come forward, they may later pull back the truth and will protect the abuser and tend to go back to the abuser.

Along with awareness, the other ways of the safety for women are personal protection and communication. Personal protection in domestic violence is a best effort and it starts with your current relationships. Every woman must keep her dignity and must understand that abusers need to be held accountable for what has happened and not the victims. Violence must be reported to the authorities, contact organizations that fight for women rights or counseling centers. Such organizations will help you to protect yourself from domestic violence.

Any person that you come across could be a possible victim of domestic violence. Safety for women begins with protecting such individuals from harm. Do not ignore them! If you see any signs of abuse such as bruises, red marks etc make sure to ask them about it. Tell them that there is help available. A little ray of hope might bring a great change and save someone's life. If all of us take little steps such as this we would become capable to fight domestic violence in a whole new way!

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Domestic Violence – Precautions you must take

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This article was published on 2010/12/15