Youth Violence

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Youth Violence


Media and internet have played a great role concerning the increasing of the youth violence. Most youths are involved in violent issues that are portrayed by the media and the internet. Youth violence is the involvement of young people in the violent activities that are influenced by media, internet, peer or parents.

Media, internet and parents responsibilities

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, the media and internet is surrounded by a controversial information as to which role they play in regard to curbing youth violence. The statistics shows that average American youths by the age of 18 will have viewed about 200,000 acts of violence.

The responsibility of media and the internet in curbing the violence has not been fully exercised because they still air and advertise adverts that contain the issues of violence. The parents on the other hand have not worked effectively on curbing of violence among the youth. It so apparent that parents expose their violent disputes to the youths and allow the youths to view violent movies and programs aired on TVs and video films. Parents should restrict the youths on how much time they spend on watching violent movies and on the other hand they should advise the youths on the consequences of involving themselves on such acts.

According to Leo, advertisements do play a vital role in promoting crime. It starts with the crazy adverts that contains violence that attract most of the youth and motivates them to practice what the watch on TVs and in the internet. Such adverts are the major factor that have contributed to the existence of youth violence, use of guns, unruly acts and other issues like driving over the building destroying properties. This motivates the youth in indulging themselves in this thus increasing the rate of violence by the name of postmodern sensibility.

Media and internet are at the center of the increasing youth violence. If action is taking against the adverts that have violence in them, youth violence would decrease considerably. The adverts that are placed in the internet and on the TVs, like the one given by Beal concerning Isuzu, though it attracts the viewers attention and boosts sales, there should be limitation on any act displayed on the internet.

The Beal’s approach on the issue of violence is more on the fact that most of violent youths derive their character from what they watch and motivates them on imitation. It’s more on restricting the information that appears on the screen that would face the issue of violence head on. His views modify my way of approach on the issue as most of the violence would be curbed by involving the youths, parents and the law for none of the solution would work on its self independently without the involvement of the other.

Though there would be conflict of interest among the involved parties that include the media companies, advertisers, society, law and the youth, the most appropriate way is to come up with the solution that will safeguard the society as it the main target of all other parties. This will enhance the security of the society and the moral respect of the youth practices.


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Youth Violence

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This article was published on 2011/05/25